London to Athens


In August 2009, after being in the Uk for 7 years, I decided it was time to move back to Greece. My ambitious plan was to cycle my way back rather than fly. So I shipped my stuff home, packed my bike with the essentials and started making my way to the south of Europe. It took me 66 days and the final route was 4325 kilometers. I used this trip to raise money for Medicins Sans Frontieres via this page.

If you want to read the blog, you can start from Day-0 and then keep incrementing the days, or you can use the map below to navigate to different areas of my trip.

My name is Georgios and I do visual effects for films and commercials –


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Green tents are where exactly I’ve camped.
Purple beds are hostels or friend’s houses I’ve slept.
Purple cameras are one of the places I’ve visited during my days off.
Blue little flags are markings for every 500km.
Yellow signs are the cols I climbs in Pyrenees.
Each marking has a link to the relevant blog entry and the distance I cycled.