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The Facts

Because we geeks love stats and facts and numbers, during this journey…

I cycled in four countries
that took 66 days,
16 out of which I was resting.
I spend 310 hours on the bike pedaling which is about
5 hours per day,
cycling at an average speed of 18km/h,
reached a maximum speed of 64km/h and
minimum of 0km/h.

I cycled through 630 villages, towns and cities and
I used 12 regional road maps with a preferred scale of 1/200000.

I rode over 6 named cols,
Col du Tourmalet was the highest at 2114m, with a base at 750m and a climb over 18km.

I ate 85 bananas,
50 apples, pears, peaches, grapes and other fruit,
40 ice creams,
5 crepes,
40 baguettes,
20 croissants,
30 pain du chocolate, raisin, pomme and the rest,
10 focaccias,
15 pizzas,
1 casullet.
25 times I cooked my self either in the tent, the hostel or in houses

I gained 1.5 kilos probable from the
4cm of facial hair that grew during this time.

I was carrying 22 kilos of stuff, excluding the food of the day,
and 12 kilos which is the weight of the bike.

I slept 43 nights in my tent,
19 nights in hostels,
3 night on a sofa,
1 night in a hotel,
1 night at a garden and
I paid on average €15 per night for accommodation.
Only 2 of the campsites had free wifi,
about 10 more had paid wifi, asking on average €3 per hour.
On the other hand, half of the hostels had free wifi,
some would charge €3 per 12 hours.

I exchange my email address with 32 people,
half of them on a bike.
I took 2000 photos,
I deleted 200,
and published 620 of them on the blog.

I saw wild horses, sheep, goats, cows, bulls, cats, dogs, snakes, lizards, frogs, one scorpion, eagles, hawks, flamingos, and many other birds that I don’t know their names, beavers, mice, rats and many mosquito that loved my blood.
I believe I saw more than 1000 dead animals on the road
I saw dozen of bugs and snails trying to cross the road,
only 2 of them made it to the other side,
I killed 5 of them,
1 dead fly is still stuck under my bike since France.

I was chased by 4 deadly half a meter dogs,
none managed to catch me.

I saw no banana trees… so I will still be looking for them.