Day 36 – Sonoma Coast SB to Olema

80km out of 2351km so far

After yesterday’s long ride, we decided not to cover the whole distance to San Fransisco today, but split the ride in two days. We had our breakfast, had a chat with the two families and caught the hilly highway 1.

Campground's beach access

Campground’s beach access

Cycle touring - level advanced

Cycle touring – level advanced

The route was once again windy and hilly. On our right we could see the rocky coastline and the strong oceanic waves. Residencies were becoming more and more frequent, most of them in a 70s northwest modernist architecture. Some of the buildings right by the coastal cliffs, were deemed unsuitable to occupy, due erosion. Despite the relative remoteness, I noticed most of the area is privately owned and all day long I kept seeing ‘no trespassing‘ and ‘Private property‘ signs warning to keep out.


The collapse of modernism

The collapse of modernism

Endless waves

Endless waves

We stopped at Bodega Bay town for a snack and there we meet Garry and Liz once again. I think it’s the forth time we separate and meet on the road. We continued the rest of the day all five of us. After that point the route left the coast and went a inland. The terrain became a lot easier to ride and the scenery looked much drier all together.

I think I am in American Land

I think I am in American Land


20km later, the road met the sea again, right by the Bodega Bay it self. The water was much calmer within the narrow bay and the place was full of fishing boats and oyster restaurants. The ride at that point was very easy and enjoyable. The higher class housing, hotels and restaurants made it clear we were getting closer to the big city.

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We stopped at Point Reyes for lunch and bike shop supplies. It was still early and I was debating whether to attempt and cover another 60km to get at Mike’s and Krissa’s place at Mill Valley, north of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the couple I met during my Rockies trip and they offered me a place to stay for the night. Unfortunately after the massive burrito I had, I felt I would have trouble covering the distance before the sunset. I decided to stick with the group and we cycled for another 20km. Half way through that last section, we entered a bike path running next to a river. It was a very serene ride and a nice way to end the day. The campsite at the Samuel P.Taylor State Park was right at the end of the trail, at a really nice location within the forest. At night a whole family of racoons visited us begging for food. Some of the baby ones were very cute, especially when they were looking us within the hollow tree trunk. We were not convinced though and we all locked our food in the provided cabinets.

The trail leading to the campground

The trail leading to the campground



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  1. Riani

    Wonderful post,, it was beautiful pictures of your trip.. seems like it’s a great place to come and visit and have a wonderful trip story like you did.. What camera did you used to take those beautiful photos ? regards

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