Doctors of the World

Today I was invited to the Greek branch of MDM in Athens. I met with some of the staff and many of the volunteers working there and took me around the offices and the polyclinic they operate in the 5-storey building. Doctors of many different specialties offer health care to people who can’t afford or are not entitled access to other hospitals. The facility has 72 beds for homeless people and a big kitchen to provide food. Among various projects, they often distribute food and other supplies in various places of the city.

At the end of November, the online cycling campaign comes to an end and together with the art exhibition sales in Vancouver, more than $2500 have already been gathered. On behalf of the Doctors of the World, a huge thank you to all the friends that contributed.

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  1. Ridwan Fauzi

    thank you for sharing your experiences with me, a very memorable experience, was the doctor doing a program from a particular agency or from the doctor’s awareness itself?

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