Day 45 – Big Sur

8.5km – 2737 in total

I woke up and I was excited for a day off in Big Sur. My good mood instantly vanished when I pulled my food off the metal cabinet to make breakfast. Tiny field mice managed to go through the 1.5cm holes and had a little party with my food. Luckily I didn’t lose that much. It’s just annoying carrying food up these hills, without getting to enjoy it in the end. I think the best place to hide food is my stomach.

I eventually had my breakfast and spent some time on the bike, adjusting a few things. I prepared some lunch for later and headed off for some near by trails. I went up and down a couple of different ones. There is a 12 miles hike that takes you to some natural hot springs. I’ll check them out next time.

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Big Sur and its river within the valley, is an oasis of life between the harsh ocean and the mountains. The view above the forest line gave a better perpective of the area. The sun was very hot.

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In the afternoon I went back to the campground, took my laptop to a more remote area by the creek and did some work. I’ve spent so much time on the bike thinking about various ideas, so it was nice to find time and a such a peaceful place to put them down. I barely saw anyone else and I could hear at least 10 different animals and birds around me, together with the running water. The deers came by again.

Study area

Study area

ch3_20131018_03173 ch3_20131018_03166

Back in the tents for dinner, the 2 cyclists we were last night had become 12. The bikers/hikers area was crammed and noisy. I wasn’t much in the mood for socializing, so after dinner I went to bed early.

Almost full moon

Almost full moon

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