Day 47 – Krik Creek to Cambria

73km – 2861 in total

The night was surprisingly warm, even if my tent was right by the ocean. Maybe it was the overnight fog that trapped the heat. Despite the heavy fog in the morning, it didn’t feel humid and my tent was dry. That was good news to me, so by 9am I was gone for another wonderful day.

For the most of the morning I was within the clouds that kept the visibility low, but the excitement high as they would occasionally reveal the view behind them. I could see the mist hitting the coast and climbing up the cliffs.

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I had about half a bottle of water left and I was expecting to refill at Gorda just 10 kilometers south, before reaching the two long hills of the day. Unfortunately the couple of stores and the whole area didn’t have drinkable water. I filled one bottle anyway and for the first time I used these drops I have to purify it. I think it worked, or maybe I should confirm tomorrow.

Next stop was Ragged Point. I was expecting something as basic as Gorda, but it seemed to be the opposite. A big resort is built there, together with a few restaurants and bars. There was even a live band playing music outdoors in the middle of the day. The view to the north is spectacular which justifies why it’s so popular.

I am getting married!

I am getting married today!

View from Ragged point

View from Ragged point

By that time, the morning fog had almost disappeared and I was debating whether to have my picnic lunch by the live band, or move on to a nicer location. The music was cool, but it couldn’t fit with my state of mind at the time, so I left. Going downhill was great and after that last hill the scenery changed all together.  The mountains moved further inland and I enjoyed a long stretch of flat road, with the aid of some pleasant tail wind. I was cruising with minimal effort and it was nice.

ch3_20131020_03330 ch3_20131020_03333

At some point I saw a group of people flying remote controlled glider planes right by a short cliff, taking advantage the ocean currents. They were flying back and forth, very fast and quite. I thought about having my lunch break there, but it was too windy, so I moved on.


I went on for a few more kilometers south at Point Piedras Blancas and I finally found a spot worth hanging out for half an hour to eat. The beach was packed with sea Elephants. Hundreds of them were sleeping at the beach while throwing sand on their massive bodies. Some where still swimming nearby, others were fighting. It was like I was watching a live documentary.

ch3_20131020_03357 ch3_20131020_03361

I moved on to San Simeon and the MoonStone Beach which had some nice cute houses right by the ocean. My destination was Cambria and I was planning to stay at the hostel to recharge after 3 days in the wild. Check in was at 5pm so I had an hour to go around the nice town. They have a scarecrow festival and every single house or business has a different scarecrow at its front porch. Some of them were hilarious and I could dedicate a whole post just for them. It’s obvious that people put a lot of effort into them.

ch3_20131020_03382 ch3_20131020_03385

Don't text and drive

Don’t text and drive



At a vintage store

At a vintage store

I went back to the hostel to find out that they currently don’t have dorms. There was a private room which was really nice, but a lot more expensive than what I was expecting to pay. In the end he left me put my tent in the back yard for $15 and let me use the facilities and have breakfast there in the morning.

At the hostel

At the hostel

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