Day 6 – Le Mont Sant Michel


Today I took the day off! My legs needed some rest, my cloths some cleaning and my blog some updating. On top of that, I was near a very good highlight of Normandy, which is Le Mont Saint Michel. So after I woke up I made my way to the island which is connected just by a thin strip of road. Its surroundings is  either sea or sand, depending on the time of the day and the tide.

Approaching Saint Michel

Approaching Saint Michel

The last two kilometers on the way were jammed with cars and tourist coaches. Luckily my unloaded bike made its way efforltlessly. When I got in I said WOW! First from the amount of people crammed into the small alleys queueing at the tacky restoraunts, but mostly by the amazing medieval forstress I was getting into.

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel

The Saint Michel from within. Beautiful, but packed with tourists.

The Saint Michel from within. Beautiful, but packed with tourists like my self.

I made my way to the top, but didn’t wait an hour to pay and get into the top castle. I just walked around it, ate the baguette that bought earlier in the day and enjoyed the view.

The view from above.

The view from above.

The endless beach

The endless beach

After my afternoon walk, I bought my next map from the local super market and a couple of bananas and  started making my way back to the campsite. The rest of the day was washing up clothes, maintaining bike and internet to catch up with emails and skype family and friends. In the afternoon I started chatting with a couple that were also on a cycle tour. We ended up having diner together, along with wine and some brandy. Steph and Kit started their tour today from Saint Malo and they are planning to finish it somewhere in East Normandy in about ten days.

Me, Steph and Kit

Me, Steph and Kit

Anyway… time to bed and I hope those socks are dry by now.

6 thoughts on “Day 6 – Le Mont Sant Michel

  1. christalenergy

    Wow!what you r doing is sooooooooo amazing! I ‘m so jealous…in a good way of course…wish I could do smth like that!
    Well good luck…hope each of your day is the best. your photos 🙂

  2. Nikolas Karampelas

    Kali sinexeia sto ta3idi sou kai na prosexeis na ftaseis soos kai me tis poio apisteutes empiries. Eixa bra8ei prosfata stin normandia (sto Caen sigekrimena) alla eleo xronou de mporesa na pao sto St Michael 🙁

    kali sinexia !

    (nitro912gr, vcdc forum)

  3. joe eveleigh

    georgios, i have you bookmarked.
    i am enjoying the stories about your fantastic meals and morning bananas. you must get casoulet when you get down south. its the best ever.
    good luck, i am very jealous.

  4. Kit

    Glad to hear your socks got dry.

    Looks like you’ve had a great time so far on the west coast.

    As I said I’ve cycled that, and recognise some of the big bridges.

    Looks like you’ve discovered some really nice places that I don’t know though.

    Keep turning the pedals!

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