The Bicycle

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A bicycle, bike, or cycle is a pedal-driven, human-powered vehicle with two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. A person who rides a bicycle is called a cyclist or a bicyclist. (<— That’s me!)

When I first came to England as a student, I got my self a bike to commute to the university. That was a no-name/who-cares/cheapest bike ever, that served me well for three years. After I finished the University, I donated it to a student from the year below me, so assuming he did the same when he graduated, this bike is still been ridden by a student in Bournemouth.

Living in London as a young professional, it took me almost a year to get a bike and start cycling again, mainly due to fear of the heavy traffic. After I convinced my self, I bought a second hand Hybrid Ridgeback Comet. This bike served me well for two years, until the day it was stolen from my back garden. It was unlocked and my fault. It is now been ridden by young crack-head, somewhere around Camden!

This bad insident gave me the opportunity to spend more money for a new and lighter bike. After trying out many different ones, I ended up getting a Ridgback Hybrid again, but a lot closer to a proper road bike.  This was a Ridgeback flight T2 2008 model, which luckily was £100 off as an end season model. Two months as a happy cyclists and the bike was stolen from Soho. It was locked with an ABUS  lock half the weight of the bike, but you see crack-heads in central London know how to use tools.  It was sold in Brick Lane market next Sunday morning for £50 and it is now been ridden by criminals for bank robberies and president assasinations.

After a month fighing with my bike insurance company (I learnt my lesson), I got some money and luckily I managed to find the exact bike, even if it was a last year’s model. I had to spend a quarter of its value for more and heavier locks, but I am still riding it almost 5 months now.

So this is the bike that will take me to Greece.

The Bike



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  1. Elissavet Paneta

    All the best Giorgo!

    Eutixos exeis kathodo mprosta sou, tha itan akatorthoto to antitheto (anodos)…..just joking..:-)

    kali antamosi stin Patrida!!!
    stay connected!

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