Day 0 – London to Bournemouth


So, I woke up early and I didn’t get much good sleep, as the night before was a little bit stressful. I had to wait until 1:30am for the guy to come and pick up my stuff for Athens. Just after that,  the biggest disaster ever occured! The newly bought eBay European charger for my netbook didn’t work anymore!!! That was like a heart attack to me, as the other charger was on its way to Athens, I didn’t have time to get another one, neither the ability to send the laptop to Greece. I decided to take it with me and try to sort the problem out in France.

Anyway… after the double breakfast I had (I managed to empty the remaining of the honey jar) I went out to sort out a last few things, packed the bike, cleaned the room and ready to go after some good buys with Joseph my flatmate.

Me and Joseph, just before the departure.

Me and Joseph, just before the departure.

The I cycled for the last time to work, where I met Richard, Philip and Adam and had a last sandwich in the park from the most amazing Italian deli of Soho. After more good buys and photos, I took my loaded bike and tummy and started cycling to Waterloo station. On the way, I said goodbye to Mr Nelson in Trafalgar square, Mr Ben the Big and the Eye of the London.

Last lunch in Soho

Last lunch in Soho

The train ride, was very smooth and fast as I slept most of the way. By the time I put my foot in Bournemouth, all the memories from my university times started coming back to be. I couldn’t resist having a quick cycle around the town, starting from the beach which is more of a joy-land than ever before! Then on my way to Mauricio’s place, I went through the university campus and my two old houses, to see if anything has changed. It was kind of nice to finish my 7 years in England from exactly where they started.

Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University

Mauricio is a good friend from university times that has always helped in the difficult times. So after not seeing him for a few years, we had loads to talk about, while drinking wine and eating popcorn.
Then the second pre-departure disaster occurred. My brand new red hat was eaten by Mauricio’s dog! What a shame, it was one of my colleagues’ gift and I only wore it for a few days. It was kind of stupid of me to leave it on the sofa with the dog and leave the room, but then this made me realize that for the next two months, I have to be prepared for any kind of bad incidents. This was just a hat, I am sure more serious thing can happen at anytime. So I moved on…

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  1. Michael

    Right, I’m almost 50 days late, but I’m going to read through as many of your updates as possible!

    Seeing that photo of our good ol’ uni made me a bit nostalgic too!

    Anyway, looking forward to read more about this trip!

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